About Us

Are you tired of not getting a car loan because of your bad credit? Well, you are on the right page! With us, you will get a loan in less than 3 weeks, so you can buy your dream car. We serve everyone, not only the people who have good credit! Our company was created in 2001, and we have dealt with thousand of people, creating them loans. You will not be disappointed!

Why is it good for you?

Many of the usual traders refuse to do business or lend loans to people with bad credits. This is a very popular trend right now, and it is a very bad thing. Why do we think that it is a bad thing? Because everyone is equal, and there are certain cases, where the people who are issuing for the loan got health problems, the hospital billed him/her for several thousand of dollars and there goes the credit score. When these occur, the person affected can not do anything about it, even if the debt is paid, the score will remain low. But if you have a bad credit score, don't be afraid, because we are not a traditional business. We hand out loans to nearly everyone. We know that getting a loan or buying a car with bad credit how stressful can be, and we would like to save you from that. If you come in our office, we will handle everything professionally and we will not put on an act if you have a bad credit. We have used and new cars as well, what you can apply to. If you have a tighter budget, we always recommend getting an older, used car, because it will have a lower maintenance fee and a lower overall cost. Interest rates and monthly payments also matter, and you will have to take these two into consideration when choosing the amount you would like to borrow. If you would like to get a larger amount of money lent, then you should increase the lifetime of the loan, so the monthly payments don't get too high. Just come in our office, and we will make you a quote instantly. If you accept the terms of the loan, you can pick it up in less than two weeks!

Bad credit is a word that both borrowers and lenders fear like a plague. In most cases, people who fall in bad debt often lose hope and think that it is the end of the tunnel in borrowing money. However, our company in Ontario and across all provinces in Canada welcomes people with bad credit who are in need of a car. Cheer up today, get on your feet and pay us a visit and we will make sure to give you a car loan without minding how bad your credit is. Below are three reasons why.you should choose our company for a car loan when in bad credit.

Easy to apply: Our company provides the simplest and straight forward form thanks to our online application system. All you need to do is sit down with your computer, fill the form, send and wait to get approved in a minute. Additional information on qualification, requirement e.t.c is readily available on our website. In the case of any question, don’t shy from consulting our 24/7 support system.

For more info we recommend you go to www.newcarcanada.ca/toronto and see how they can help you get that auto loan with bad credit. They are happy to offer advice and guidance as well